What do #blc12 and #ade2012 have in common?

I had the terrible choice of choosing between Alan November’s Building Learning Communities ’12 (#blc12) in Boston and Apple’s Apple Distinguished Edcuator (#ade2012) conference in Cork. I chose BLC12, perhaps my favourite conference as Alan has created an event big enough to draw great keynoters, high-caliber presenters and highly motivated and engaged attendees while being small enough to allow for some of the best nbetworking anywhere. But there was no wrong choice. Apple events, like the recent Leadership Summit I attended in Geneva, blend big picture keynotes, motivational talks and hands on work in a perfect structure. Both are top-of-the-line conferences that blow away the big shows like ISTE and NAIS.

Fortunately, folks at both conference were busy on the back channel so we can share notes. I’m struck by a few common themes and ideas emerging: for example, as #ade2012 attendee, Fraser Speirs says, we’re beginning to see a.) second-order effects of 1:1 computing in schools and b.) a shift toward student autonomy in IT . I felt my presentations at #blc12 addressed the same issues. And vice versa:


You can read Angie’s reflection here.

I wonder if there are more points of contact? Here’s a visualization of tweets from both conferences showing common terms:


What would happen if we put #blc12 and #ade2012 in a room and connected some dots?

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