The Web IS the Platform

At the end of April I gave this presentation at the Canadian Association of Independent School’s Best Practices Conference held at the Crescent School in Toronto.

The idea that students are digital natives is a myth. None of the potential educational advantages of social media or cloud computing are self-evident; and just as students had to be taught to see a pencil as a learning tool, they need to be taught to see the web as a learning tool. As we focus that teaching on ends, not means—just as we say let’s do some writing, not let’s do some penciling—we find increased student engagement and quality of work. This workshop shows how to view the web (browser) itself as the go-to platform and how to sort web tools by function—research, production, publication, discussion and management—to create a simple, solid framework for helping student and teachers make sense out of an ever-growing, ever-diversifying web.

Here’s my slide deck;

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    Stephen May 25, 2010

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

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