The iPad at 37,000 Feet: What Students Say

I was in Toronto last weekend giving a presentation on the Myth of the Digital Native at the SEAL (formerly Canadian Association of Independent Schools Best Practices Conference. on the flight home I happened to sit beside a group of students The York School and their head of senior school, David Hamilton, on their way to an outdoor camp near Squamish, in my backyard.

I gave the kids my iPad and asked them to pass it around for the duration of the flight to Vancouver on the condition that they leave a comment ont eh Notepad app  or add a drawing in the Adobe Ideas app. You can see what they said and drew below.

I chatted with a few, too, and after we got past the novelty factor they very soberly said that the iPad felt like a much better classroom tool than either a laptop or iPhone. It gave them a bigger, and therefore easier to use interface than the phone and wasn’t as clumsy as the laptop, said one student. Another felt a drawing program such as the Adobe Ideas app they were playing with would be a great tool in math and science, as well as art classes.


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