Remixing SXSWedu 2015: XIM on #MIX

I thought to try an experiment at SXSWedu this year and invite a few sketchnote enthusiasts to collaborate on a collaborative sketchnote using FiftyThree’s innovative collaborative drawing platform, Mix. So we sat down andknocked  around ideas and settled on XIM, or Experimental Impresssionism. 

I’m hoping to get some insights on two things:

  • Can we tap into the crowd’s collective insight at a conference? We’ve figured out how to tap session content through tweets and shared Google Docs and the like, but I don’t know of any instances of trying to capture a collective and global impression of a conference. I want to see a conference through other people’s eyes.  What themes emerge, what dots get connected. I am not interested in capturing the details of a presentation or workshop–that sort of stuff is easy to come by. I want to know if we can capture the process by which people synthesize all they learn at a conference.
  • How might I use @FiftyThree’s Mix to make this happen. I feel confortable using  collabroative note-taking tool such as Google Docs, but I want to know if collaborative sketches work any differently. Mix seems like the best platofrm to try this.

A huge thank you to Amy Burvall, Honoria Starbuck and Sean Ziebarth for volunteering their time. But what I most value in them is their wilingness to try on ideas, pretty much sight unseen. They put me in my mind of Anthony Burrill:

If you’re at SXSWedu–heck even if your not–join us on the Mix


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    […] I did this project with Sean Ziebarth, Brad Ovenell-Carter, and Honoria Starbuck at SXSWEdu this year as an experiment under the auspices of Paper by 53 app; it stands for “Experimental Impressionism” and the idea was we would do collaborative impressionistic sketches of the conference as we experienced it. We used Paper’s remix feature called MIX. Brad wrote about it in his blog. […]

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