No internal email: 1 week later

One week ago, as part of a my announcement to faculty staff about our new directions in ed tech, I made a public pormise to cut out internal email.

Here’s the score:

Total internal emails sent over the past week: 7

Total inteternal emails sent in a typical week previously: 71

Interestingly, this reduction corresponds neatly with the French tech giant, Altos’, findings that only 10% of email is useful.

And it’s been good actually chatting with people.

A big thanks to my colleagues who are helping me wioth this by coming to visit me in my office or picking up the phone instead of sending me emails in the first place.


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    Cristina Milos January 11, 2012
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    Richard Smith January 12, 2012
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    DouglasRTennant January 17, 2012

    Brad, I love this idea. I am getting close to 80 emails a day from students, teachers, and admin. Trying to use Schoology discussion board for some topics. Are you relying mostly on face-to-face interactions to cut down on email?

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    Brad Ovenell-Carter January 17, 2012

    Hi Doug, thanks for leaving a comment. I try to handle most of the business face-to-face or by phone. I’m also–slowly–moving people to other services such as Google Groups or Diigo etc. But I have to say Im getting a lot of help from colleagues who want to see the experiment succeed.

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