How flexible is your school?

I am happy to see schools be more self-reflective and self-critical than I’ve ever known them to be in my 52 years. I attribute this to the way the web is taking down the walls of brick-and-mortar schools and opening to them up to the outside world. Transparency is a good thing, mostly. This self-reflection is especially visible where I work in the Independent Schools Association of British Columbia (ISABC), a collection of private schools led by forward-thinking heads and IT departments. The phenomenon make this the most exciting time to be in education since perhaps Dewey asked the profession to reconsider how it carries on. The link below takes you to a great infographic illustrating the change in work styles over the past decade or so. The study didn’t look at education in particular–it doesn’t really work to have teachers work flextime (or does it?!) But the point is, industries seem to be moving to increase flexibility, which to me means to increase compatibility with the way people, rather than the industry itself, work best.

How has or will your school move to increase flexibility?

The Difference in Workstyles, Then and Now, Thanks to Telecommunication

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