From Punya MIshra: The sweet spot in educational technology

 Punya Mishra’s work from 2008 has surfaced at the III European Conference on Information Technology in Education and Society: A Critical Insight being held in held February 1st – 3rd, 2012. Alas, I’m not there. Next year maybe. So I’m following along as best I can: Ismael Peña-López is pushing our some good notes. like these on Mishra’s presentation.

I’ve had Mishra’s diagram on my doodle wall in my office since I started in my new post as Driector of Education Technologies at Mulgrave School back in September. It’s one of the drivers for my reconceptualizing how we use tech. I particulaly like Mishra’s thinking on technology in education: his Venn diagram isn’t so breathless as most postings on the subject and he understands the distinctions and relationships between what and how we teach. Moreover, he is careful to place all of that in a larger context which is where we answer why we teach. This will emerge in the next couple years as the central question in education.

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