Education’s Renaissance, Not Its Reform #EdRenaissance #EdReform

Here’s a good list of twitter hashtags that will let you get in on some good coversations on education reform.

But can we call it a renaissance, not a reform?

A couple days ago I wrote a post saying education is not broken, so let’s not try to fix it…or reform it, as the case may be. Reform has connotations of half-measures, of rehabilitation and it starts from place of criticism: this here is broken or gone astray and wants correction. In contrast, a renaissance is an entirely creative business, focussing on building, not breaking down. It’s scope is broader–we can create anything–and it’s mood is brighter. I am making no value judgments here, but historically speaking I would say the Renaissance was a cheerier moment then the Reformation.

And we do need a bit of cheer and an end to beating up ourselves and our profession. A little bit of linguistic determinism is not a bad thing.

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    […] I get asked all the time, “Laptop, tablet or smartphone: if you could have just one for your students, which would it be?” The answer is, without hesitation or qualification, a smartphone. My second choice would be a tablet, like the iPad. My last option would be a laptop. You just get way more leverage from a smartphone (a topic for another post.) It will be mobile technologies that we will later call the catalyst for the educational renaissance. […]

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