Dividing Up Web 2.0

I’ve noticed that from time to time I’ll become caught up in some friendly, but warm discussions on Twitter about how students ought to engage with the read-write web. The most contentious debates are around how open we think the web ought to be. Now it occurred to me that some of the polarity might arise because while we are all talking about the same K-12+ education, not all education is the same from K-12+. Those who advocate more open policies are usually teaching more senior students; those who want more controls are usually teaching younger students. But, generally speaking, we haven’t been all that clear about whom we are talking. It would help in Twitter conversations, and everywhere else, if we prefaced our comments with something like “As a middle school teacher…” or even came up with some useful hash tags: #primaryweb or #middleschoolweb, for example.

I’ve drawn up a table of summing up what I think teachers are saying about web 2.0 at various age levels. The divisions are rough and I trust that teachers understand there will likely be some overlap. But does this makes sense to you? Is this roughly what we’d like to see K-12+?


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