Data mining #connectedca #edchat with TwitterSpectrum

Here’s what tweets from the #connectedca and #edchat hashtags have in common. TwitterSpectrum comples a blended word cloud for two search terms.


Interesting, to me, that the words that float up are nouns. Where are the verbs? I have a feeling that the word “help” which appears in the centre (Is that significant?) is connected to a call for help and the verb “share” does appear on the #connectedca side and I like the word “make” on the #edchat side, but otherwise calls to action are conspicuoulsy absent.

My question: does that mean we don’t yet know what calls to make, or is the phenomenon a function of the Twitter medium, or the way we speak (i.e. passively or reflexively…?

But do note the good manners of the folks at the #connectedca conference!

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