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Flickr co-founder, Caterina Fake, has released an iOS version of her latest startup, Findery. It’s a socially-curated travel guide: think Foursquare meets Twitter meets TripAdvisor, says TNW.

The iOS native app (and Android version is reportedly in the works) taps into the original, web-based platform so there is a lot of data out there for general travel. And because it taps your phones GPS, it can automatically alert you to what’s in your are right now.

But I am interested to see if this might be used as a curation tool for the field school model of learning my students and I are developing. Findery users can build so-called notemaps, which are collections of notes about specific places that can be share publicly or–and this is important–shared among a group of specific users, e.g. a group of students. This has potential to be a great curation tool for students.

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