No more Computer Use Agreements

I think the day of the computer use agreement is over.

Like most schools I know, my school, Mulgrave School in Vancouver, asked students sign a computer use agreement every year–this time of year actually. This was the document that spelled out what students could and couldn’t do with their devices either online or off. Two years ago we updated that–removed the thou-shalt-nots, gave it a more positive tone and called it a responsible use policy or RUA.

This year we tore it up.

Instead, we rolled the spirit of that document into the school’s general code of conduct. Technology is so tightly integrated into our day-to-day that we no longer make any distinction between teaching and learning offline or online. The digital space is just one of the places we work. And we expect everyone in our community to act decently wherever they are. That’s all there is to it.

Download (PDF, 285KB)

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    Andrew Bendl September 2, 2014

    Bravo, BOC!

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