What’s your school’s user experience like? Honestly.

This piece in Read Write Web, 5 Signs of a Great User Experience, had me asking what the user experience at my school is like. I’ve been saying for a while that we need to stop thinking about Exchange, Windows, PC, Mac, iOS, smart phone and laptops ad nauseum and start thinking about the school itslef as the OS. We connect to it when we walk in the building, when we pull out a smartphone to check a timetable while riding a bus, when we open a laptop to access a class blog at our desks. How does every one of these experiences score on RWW’s checklist:

  • Elegant UI?
  • Addictive? Do users want to use it?
  • Fast starting?
  • Seemless?
  • It changes you?

The answers give us the road map for rebuilding IT and integrating educational technologies

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    Peter Rawsthorne January 30, 2012

    Is this a job posting? I know about roadmapping, I can rebuild IT and I have a proven record of integrating educational technologies đŸ˜‰ Great Post!

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