Twitter as a data shed: Update

Coming off the BLC 11 conference in Boston last August I was looking for ways to use Twitter as a data storage system but ran into some storage problems. Twitter uses a dynamic storage limit which as of August 2011 was about 1.5 weeks. After that, your tweets are gone. You can archive them using various services, but that takes them out of the public domain and so are unsearchable (as far as I know.)

Now that Twitter nears its 500 millionth user, I may be closer. Spot, a real-time Twitter visualization tool, just launched allowing the curious to enter a search term and see tweets as small circles and organize them in various configurations to illustrate information about the topic of interest. (Here’s a good intro to Spot on Neoformix.)

I love this way of pulling together information. Now I just need to have this dig through an archive of tweets (that is until Twitter finds a way to store all the tweets ever sent.)

Just discovered ThinkUp, which may solve the storage problem…

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