Time and money don’t make change happen. People make change happen. #edcampdelta

At #edcampdelta (and plenty of other places) I heard people say again and again that they’d love to see more change and make more change in schools, but they don’t have either the money or the time to do it. 

Yet the edcamp happened on the day of the first snowfall in B.C’s Lower Mainland and still something like 150 people turned up at Delta Secondary School. (Thanks for hosting!) Everyone there–teachers, administrators, students and parents–took a day without pay and a day away from family to gather and share ideas for edcuation reform. That’s remarkable!

And it should put paid, as it were, to the idea that time and money are roadblocks. 

Yes, we need time and money, but it’s mostly already there. What we really need now are people who will reallocate how both are spent. Those are people who ask tough questions about fundamental structures and assumptions about schools.


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