The Most Promising iPad Apps

(NB Cross-posted from my THINK Global School blog)

We are, by necessity because we are a travelling school, a paperless school. So far we have managed to find work-arounds on the iPad for most traditional classroom activities using our three devices (iPhone, iPad and MBP) in combination.

But I think we educators are making a mistake if we try to make the iPad replace what we have been doing. To be sure there are shortcomings (we’ll see what happens when the upcoming OS 4 is released for the iPad), but the iPad is fundamentally a different sort of tool from a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. Back in April, I wrote that the iPad is a social tool, unlike its cousins in the Apple devices family. After six or seven weeks of our 3:1 program I think this is still true. There are things I’d like to see the iPad do, such as allow direct editing of my Google Docs, play Flash, project its screen and multi-task. But to me the most promising iPads apps are not the ones that let us replicate chalkboards and paper (projecting and word processing) but ones such as PadboardDuplicam or iBrainstorm that allow truly collaborative work.

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