The hidden benefit of an iPad program

Last Wednesday we handed out iPads to our junior school teachers and sent them away to play. As you can imagine, excitement is high and the 27 faculty are coming forward with all kinds of ideas and apps.

But there are indications of something much bigger happening. A number of faculty have come forward saying, with a great deal of pride and enthusiasm, “Look what I did–this completely changes the way I teach…” 

Part comes from the device and what it can do. The bigger part, I think, comes from giving faculty freedom to play: see this great post from my colleague Melanie: 3 reasons our iPad pilot has been successful: freedom, flexibility and assimilation. 

In any case, what I’m seeing is an entire school division–spontaneously, voluntarily–begin to reflect on their practice. What ever apps and tricks the staff develop, this may become the greatest benefit of implementing an iPad program.

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