Snapify contextual web browser & the Digital Learning Farm


(screenshot from my iPad, hence the error message)

I’ve been using Alan November’s Digital Learning Farm for nearly three years. It was core school practice when I ran THINK Global School. Making students (allowing them to be!) contributors to their own learning changes the way they engage in the classroom; I see significantly higher order thinking, generally, for using it.

One of the regular jobs on the Digital Learning Farm is that of official researcher, a student who sits with a computer or smartphone connected to the web ready to look up information on the fly as the class needs. Snapify, a handy Chrome extension, will make the job of the official researcher that much easier. Users highlight a word or click on an image marker and click “Snap It” Snapify then opens a search box with results from the main search engines such as Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google News and Google Maps.

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