New Jobs for Students: Curriculum Reviewers

Since the beginning of the year, my students and I have been experimenting with performing the 6 classroom jobs for students that Alan November talks about in his workshops and on his web site. This week I had the Curriculum Reviewers (really just one student this week) turn this week’s review notes for our Grade 7 study of Biblical and Classical references into a mind map and post it to our wiki. Here’s the whole curriculum review wiki page and a close up of the mind map:


IPS English 7 Curriculum Review Wiki Page


Closeup of Mind Map Embedded in Wiki

The mindmap, made in MindMeister, is live, so as students add more review notes to the map each week or so those notes will automatically appear in the copy of the map embedded in the wiki. The links to web sites and files in the map are also live so students can download right from the wiki (and the review team only has to add links and upload files once–to MindMeister.) I’m looking at a number of mind mapping platforms but right now I’m leaning toward Mindmeister because it’s easy for students to use and handles the embed so well.

To be sure, the whole tangle of wikis, Nings, Google Apps and maps presents an organizational challenge for both me and my students. But we are starting to get some sense of how all the various technologies fit together in our school: Google Apps, Jing & Mindmeister (so far) for production; Ning for discussion; and a wiki for publication. And, I’m really excited about this embedded mind map.


Here’s an example of an embedded, live mind map: Wiki Experiments.

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