Networked Schools 4: What do K-12 classes look like? Revised.

Peter Rawsthorne jumped onto Webspiration and made some revisions to my original diagram by adding some experts inside the high school model.

I thought this was implicit in my original, but I like Peter’s tweaks better. The point of getting these sorts of conversations going on the web is to work together to make information explicit.

Thanks Peter.

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    Penny January 5, 2009

    I would like to think that this diagram also has resonance with parents. Just like teachers we need to slowly let kids take on more and more of the responsibility not only for learning but living. It is easier for them to achieve that (and for us to let them) if they have a network of caring invested people. When parents have difficulty “letting go” and achieving this model it’s called over-parenting or helicopter parenting. Maybe it’s time to recognize that there can be “helicopter teaching” as well!Cheers

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