My BLC 11 presentations

Update: The videos have been taken down temporarily, sorry. I’ll update when they’re available again.


My presentations at BLC 11.

Last year I spent a year on the road as head of Think Global School, a global, mobile high school that took 15 grade nine students from 11 different countries to live, study and explore three different international cities: Stockholm, Sydney and Beijing. There is no building the schools calls home. Instead, it gave every student an iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro and bounnd them together with a custom-built, ELGG-based web platform nicknamed Spot.

The videos below present some of my initial conclusions after running a heavy technology program on the road.


More is Less: A 3:1 Program Demonstrates That More Technology is Paradoxically Less Disruptive Than a Little Technology

Making technology ubiquitous paradoxically makes it less visible (pens and pencils are everywhere but we do not notice them) and the less visible the technology, the less disruptive it is; for similar reasons, ubiquitous connectivity is important; apps do not matter but the the idea “there’s an app for that” does, which means users can choose apps based on personal preferences; finally while there is overlap in their capabilities, each device is best suited to different purposes (iPhones are superb data capturing tools, laptops better data processing and production tools) But if we could only have just one tool it would be the iPhone–not an iPad or Laptop.


The Digital Learning Farm as Core Practice.

In this session I look at why we set up the Digital Learning Farm and how we set up our technology to support it as a core practice. I show some examples of student work and discuss the results of working with the Farm. The short story is I firmly believe making this core practice improves student engagement, in particualr with higher order thinking. 


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    Debbie Kelley August 9, 2011

    Sorry I missed your presentation at BLC11 but thanks to technology I can catch a bit of it here!There is a group in the Chicago area working to start a Montessori high school. I am forwarding your information to them, hope there can be a connection!

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    Lisa Elliott Daniel September 23, 2011

    Sorry I missed the presentation, also. What is the word on the Digital Learning Farm? I would love to learn more about the status. Core Practice? Additional research? Measurement tools?

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