In education we need to ask Why? before What? and How?

Everything new is old again. Again. 

This link below is a good list of skills students need for the future. But except for “New-media Literacy” and “Virtual collaboration” these are really old skills and part of a classical liberal education. I think it wouldn’t hurt to take a look back before we go marching forward. 

One the distinguishing features of a classical liberal education is that it is not functionalist. That is, it does not seek to prepare students to “get a job.” Rather it prepares students to take their place in civil society: it frees them ,em>from,/em>ignorance and <em>for</em> the pursuit of human excellence. It has a sense that mundane considerations, such what constitutes a career, come and go, but that some things are timeless, such as the notions of the good, truth, and justice. Classical liberal education asks “Why?” or “To what end?” before it asks “What?” or “How?”

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    Richard Smith January 31, 2012

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