I Want Social Annotations for my E-Readers

Adobe Ideas, the drawing app for the iPad is becoming one of my go-to tools. I use it to sketch out big ideas,


create slides for Keynote


and capture content from mother people’s presentations.


I’m especially like the way It let’s me annotate images by adding a layer on top of a screenshot or photo:


I’ll go to my grave with a real book in my hands, but I’ve become a huge fan of ereaders. I have Stanza on my iPhone and Kindle and iBook apps on my iPad. They let me take stacks of material on planes, trains and automobiles.

Can someone stitch these two–an ereader and annotating tool–together for me? I can’t read an important book without a pen in hand for scribbling margin notes and I’d like to be able to do the same electronically. It’d be really nice, too, if I could save and share these annotations the way I can save and share highlights and sticky notes on web pages in Diigo. And, if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like to be able to hot link any cross references between pages…and even books!

This ability to make margin notes is the missing part of the reading experience offered by ereaders.


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