Facebook Messenger looks Apple-y

Facebook Messenger is a new standalone group messaging mobile app built off Beluga. Did you get that? FB Messenger is a standalone app. To date, every other FB feature has been bundled inside the platform. I am not a FB fan and normally do not pay much attention to its feature development. But I will admit, this new FB Messenger, um, app? caught my attention.

Beluga CEO, Ben Davenport, rightly points out that messaging is a core mobile experience and in that speed matters. The standalone app linked to FB’s own SMS service bypasses the bunch of clicks you’d need to get into FB itself.

This move looks very user-friendly and, well, Apple-y to me. Apple sees an app-based Internet where Google (especially) and, until now, Facebook see a web-based Internet. The departure is significant.

Read the details of the new Facebook Messenger here.

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