Do you include Twitter mining as a 21C skill?

Twitter is heating up. It expects to hit 500 million users sometime in February.

We’ve seen Klout and Peerindex. But in the past couple weeks two new, slick and different Twitter analytic tools have appeared: Spot and SocialBro’s realtime analytics which allows you to see who’s online in realtime–kinda neat when you’re monitoring a hashtag around an event.

With this news and Twitter’s already established reputation as a news source and help desk, I think we ought to adding Twitter search/mining skills to our 21st C skills curriculum. (That’s different than learning to build a PLN.) It has to be at least as important as teaching Google search skills. You’re doing that already, right?

For fun, we might think about teaching ifttt as well so kids can automate some of their research. There are more than 5,000 Twitter recipes in multiple langauges there already, but there’s nothing stopping students from creating specialized ones for there own work like say automatically dumping all tweets with a particualr hashtag into a shared Evernote notebook used for research on a collaborative class project. 

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    Joe Campbell January 18, 2012

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