ConnectEd CA – taking back some of the ideas the ancients stole.

Just finished facilitating a session (via Skype!) on how the future of education looks more and more like really ancient education at this weekend’s ConnectEd conference in Calgary. I asked those in the room if they could do anything at all, what is the one thing they would do tomorrow that would make the biggest difference in their classrooms. The answers were surpsing in that not one person mentioned anything about technology, though I submit it’s technology that’s driving the imagined changes:

  1. Get rid of grades-based assessment and make assessment a dialogue or conversation, not a point in time or a point on a grade-scale.
  2. Get rid of textbooks and make creating content participatory.
  3. Engage parents directly in the learning: hold formal sessions about emerging pedagogies and invite them to see them at work in classrooms
  4. Engage universities, colleges and busineses in conversations about #1 and #2

In short, make learning a dialogue.

That’s not new thinking of course. Socrates said this a couple millenia ago.


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