Collaborative Professional Development Looks Like This

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I’m very excited to be part of the team putting together the first-ever, collaboratively built professional development day for members of the Independent Schools Association of British Columbia, the organization that represents the top independent schools in the province.

On February 10, we have more than 450 teachers and administrators from 22 schools coming together to present and participate in more than 60 sessions at two venues: Brentwood College School on Vancouver Island and my own Mulgrave School on the mainland.

It’s a remarkable event:

  • It’s self-organized–ISABC put a call out for presenters who spoke up and offered their passions and expertise and then participants voted with their feet to create a schedule of sessions.
  • It’s all volunteer–presenters and participants are giving their time to make this happen and that shows a fantastic commitment to their profession.
  • It’s celebratory–with almost all the presenters in-service teachers from the participating schools, the event has brought out the incredible breadth of talent that exists in our schools
  • It’s collegial and collaborative–the school heads and ISABC are showing the rest of the country what a forward-thinking group of schools can do. 

We’ve also created an open Google Doc for each of the 60 or so sessions. Here’s the template we’re using.


This is where presenters and participants can add ideas, comments and resources before, during and after the event itself. The docs form a user-generated record of all the sessions and will remain open indefinitely so everyone can continue to build on the results of the day.

We’ll be tweeting the event under the hashtag #isabcpd12. I can hardly wait.

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