A Leadership Vacuum?

Yesterday, eSchool News, the online K20 ed tech journal, asks if ed-tech firms are now shaping educational policy: Ed-tech firms shaping educational policy: are choices driven by student needs–or profits?

They might be. I’ve heard the same question come up in a couple places over the last few days.

If it is indeed true, I wonder if it’s because education has lost its leadership and can no longer clearly shout out its sense of purpose. At the moment, we–the public and the profession–are rather confused about where education is going. There’s no one in education to say, clearly, convincingly “Look, here is the way forward!” And in the absence of such strong voice others–those ed-tech business–have stepped in saying “Well, this might be a way to go we think you’d like.” The unpleasant admission, of course, is that that means we’ve stopped believing we educators are the experts.

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