Twitter as a note-taking tool

My IB Theory of Knowledge 12 students and I are experimenting with Twitter as a note-taking tool.

I am a big fan of the digital learning farm idea but our experience in the upper school here @MulgraveSchool is that a shared Google Doc doesn’t work so well for the sort of open discussions we have in TOK. Twitter seems better suited for capturing conversation so we’re giving that a try.

We are listening to the CBC Ideas program, the Trouble with Tolerance, which we chose for the excellent way it demonstrates how we come to understand a big idea. Students tweeted during episode using the hashtag #tokafe12 which we monitored using Twitterfall (monitter is also good.)

Immediately after the program–that is before class was dismissed–we spent some time reviewing what we had posted looking for the “areas of knowledge” (aok) and “ways of knowing” (wok) that IB wants students to identify. We then took a second look at the posts and tried to generate what IB calls “knowledge issues.” All of this was also tweeted so we could grab it in the archive and use it for future investigations.

So now we have the raw notes and a record of our engagement them–much better than passive note-taking–before the students leave class. All of this is archived with Storify which in turn is embedded in our website on a page set aside for class notes.

It’s still raw and I wouldn’t say intuitive for the students. And it was us capturing the words of a single speaker, rather than a conversation. But this is only day one of the trial.

Here is the “transcript” of today’s class notes on Storify.


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    Jim George November 3, 2012

    i know this is a lame Q, but how to grab the tweets. Love the posting and looking at how to use storify.


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      Braddo November 4, 2012

      Hi Jim,

      e use a hashtag, #tokafe11 or #tokafe12 to identify the tweets as ours. Then we go to Storify, search for tweets with the relevant hashtag and add them to the “Story.” Storify gives you various ways to share out the story, including and embed code so you can add it to your blog or site. WordPress also makes it easy to embed using just the URL.

      Hope that helps!

      Thanks for reading!

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