3 new services to help turn down the noise and boost the signal

This week we see three new services intended to help us turn down the noise and boost the signal.


Engag.io and Bottlenose both launched this week as slick services for aggregating and filtering our social media streams. At the same time, the internet’s newest boy genius, Nick D’Aloisio, has produced Summly, an iPhone app that claims to use some rather sophisticated heuristics for digesting and summing up entire web pages for you. 


They look handy and I’ll give them a spin over the next few days.


Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold) is quite right: filtering and “infotention” are top 21C skills and these new service might help us wade through the dreck. But, I must say I still think this signal-to-noise problem is an old phenomenon, nothing 21C at all. There’s always been a lot of noise, but the great ones, I said back in March ’09 in a post called “Like a long-legend fly upon the data stream,” have been particularly good at tuning the data stream. Jobs had the gift but so did Caesar. 

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