∞:1 cont’d: Mobiles outsell computers in 2011. Does that make you rethink your IT infrastructure?


 Source: Gizmodo

“In 2011, manufacturers shipped 487.7 million smartphones and only 414.6 million computers–that’s desktops, laptops and tablets. Combined.”

A couple things coming out of this read:

  • 487.7 to 414.6 is better than parity: my students are very likely to have at least two devices of their own, or two if they bring their smartphone along with their school-issued device
  • so it seems silly to be banning or restricting smartphones instead of exploiting them–they’re capabilities and their ubiquity–in schools.
  • It’s worth noting, too, that in 2011 manufacturers shipped nearly a billion devices. In one year. Give those devices a lifespan of say, two years. Before we feel like upgrading again we’ll have at least 3 billion newish devices floating about. That’s a lot of processing power. I want as much of it as I can get in my school.

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