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Mobile Only Week – Day 1


Composed on my iPhone.

I’ve decided to try going a week at work using only my phone, an iPhone 6. I maintain that all we need to run a good school is a smartphone and a notebook, that a laptop is legacy of industrial model learning and that mobiles are transformative. 

The signs all point that way at least, and now I want to know where the actual pain points are so I can build a strategy for making the transition to a mobile-first school. I have no doubt that we need a device such as a laptop or desktop for some work, but I’m pretty sure the day-to-day can be done with a mobile phone. 

Like a mad scientist I’m running this experiment on myself first. Mostly, I’m just observing and taking notes. Depending how things go, I’ll bring my students in the next week or so. 

Day One

A typical day with a mix of teaching and meetings.


  • My morning routine of checking calendars, email and social media is unchanged as I do this on my phone anyway. 
  • I was able to take attendance without trouble as our record keeping platform is web-based, though it’s not optimized for mobiles. 
  • I used Google Drive, Evernote and my notebook during our weekly school leadership team meeting. No issues. 


  • Google Classroom won’t let me create assignments on a mobile. There is no work around. This is more an inconvenience as we only use Classroom to handle document naming and filing. 
  • The mobile itself is not as big a limitation as only having one device. I usually work with two or three in my classroom.