Education & the Second Screen: Give Your Students’ Mobiles Some Love

Inspirations reading Cohen, Jonathan. “Branding in the Age of Smart TV and the Second Screen” MISC Magazine. Fall 2014: 32-33. Print.

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The potential of the second screen in education is largely unexplored. Students have them–smart phones and laptops–but phones are ignored as learning tools and laptops are used simply as personal productivity tools or mirrors of what the teacher is presenting on the first screen (e.g. the white board or projector.)

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There’s an echo here of the a16z Tech Summit I attended in the fall of 2013: digital is bridging itself (in business) and I wondered then how it might augment the in-class experience. I wonder, what in education are the equivalents of rapid market testing, post-purchase loyalty and driving to local shopping (as opposed to buying online.): rapid lesson testing? a desire to dive deeper in classes? connecting the learning across subject domains for a richer experience…?

My students and I have been using Twitter as a go-to tool in classes and though it’s been quite successful it’s still an artifact of the first screen experience. but I think there may be something even richer here…going give the “second screen experience creation” some serious though over the winter break.

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