Howard Rheingold

howard rheingold

Howard and I talked for about an hour this week, most of which was him interviewing me for DMLcentral, and all of which was fun. Holding up your ideas for Howard to look at is like holding them up in front of one of those magnifying mirrors. I am excited to be joining him in the Toward a Literacy of Cooperation course he’s leadding on his own Rheingold U.

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People Who Matter is my hat tip to the people who have shaped my thinking over the past week or so. I am grateful for their conversation and generosity of thought.

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    Michelle Cordy (@cordym) April 26, 2014

    I have taken this course, and others, through Rheingold U, and they have been truly eye opening for me and thought shifting. Enjoy the course. I was seriously considering doing it again, maybe I still will . . . Happy learning from one of the great minds of our times and one of the elders of the internet.

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