QQ: Will social media kill accreditation?


The University of Toronto recently hosted the first national summit devoted to Co-Curricular Records or Transcripts (CCR/T).

Is the effort coming from a real social need to accredit or from the institution’s drive for self-preservation? I have a feeling that accreditation, at least as we know it, will be made unnecessary by social media in the not-so-distant future.


When I worked in Sweden, I met an amazing human being named Sara Wallén who would send me QQs–quick questions on operational details, logistics, reference material and so on. We saved the big questions for face-to-face. I’m turning the term into a tag here and using it to grab questions that pop into my head. They’re likely big questions but I don’t have time or a face to talk to right now and I don’t want to forget that I asked.


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