What if we had students practice turning flow into stock a la @austinkleon #showyourwork #100convos

Things I’m thinking about here:

  1. Would (even short) daily posts in whatever form–Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even Post-Its–make for more authentic student reflection than the usual “reflection journal”?
  2. Does turning flow into stock connect to things like Kieran Egen’s Learning in Depth? Is this way to develop sustained thinking on an idea?
  3. Could the practice of turning flow into stock help students develop skills of observation and, especially, curation need for the field school model my students and I are developing?

I am reading @austinkleon‘s new book, Show Your Work, and in the spirit of the title, I’ve decided to show that reading. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting shots of my marginalia–my conversation with Austin Kleon. It’s not page by page, but by every page where I’ve scribbled a few words or doodled a picture. It’s my half of a conversation with Kleon. For the other half, you’ll have to buy his book and read along. (It is well worth it and so far one of the best books on education I’ve read in the past 12 months.)>

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